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We understand Trust & Innovation as the search for better technical solutions, supported by the knowledge and long-term experience of our designers.

The company’s consistent emphasis on the quality and innovation of our products resulted in providing our customers with 30 European and 50 local technical approvals in 2013.


Rawlplug’s flagship products in the area of fixings are resin bonded and mechanical anchors. Our most recent market releases are the R-HPTII mechanical throughbolt featuring the highest technical parameters, and the revolutionary R-HLX Self-tapping concrete screwbolt.

Our offer of resin bonded anchors was also expanded with the polyester based, R-KEM II universal anchor which has a European Approval for 15 different substrates, as well as the quick and easy to use CFS foil tube bonded anchor. The advantage of the foil tube is a significant reduction in waste.


The innovativeness of our products is the basis of our sustainable development policy. Another new product which meets the need of reducing energy use is the innovative TFIX-8ST facade thermal insulation fixing, which completely eliminates the thermal bridges used so far.

Thanks to the policy of innovative solutions and stable development, Rawlplug’s products are more and more recognized worldwide, and the company is becoming the leader in the fixing industry and a first choice brand.


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