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How many elephants can this fixing support?

How many elephants can this fixing support?

Our Mechanical Laboratory in Wroclaw recently took part in a unique event, opening the doors of our research laboratories to the public.

Over the course of a single day, thousands of cars can cross the busiest bridges. The strength of the wind can move the highest skyscrapers in the world a few meters from the vertical. Have you ever wondered how these structures can withstand such high loads? The answers to this and many other questions were made available to the participants of Wroclaw Night of Laboratories who visited our Mechanical Laboratory. Rawlplug specialists were happy to share their knowledge of the modern fixings which allow today’s designers to implement bolder architectural ideas.

On the night itself

Night of Laboratories was a great opportunity for people to visit research centres usually reserved exclusively for their employees. We were really looking forward to taking part; there were a number of demonstrations planned and we held competitions for visitors. In our laboratory we tested, extracted, loaded, squeezed, and stretched, so visitors could see exactly how many laboratory tests are behind the wall plugs which kitchen cupboards hang on, or the anchors used in large construction projects.

Sharing the knowledge

Involvement in the Night of Laboratories event has enabled us to expand the range of people interested in creating and developing Rawlplug products. We are always pleased to explain our Research & Development processes to facilitate an understanding of how Rawlplug works. More than eighty people attended the demonstrations at our Mechanical Laboratory, showing a level of interest which greatly exceeded our expectations. We were thrilled by this enthusiasm and we hope to repeat this success next year!

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